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My name is Vicky Coxhead. I am a super normal mummy who is lucky enough to have four beautiful and amazing children. My children inspire me every single day and they have made me the person I am. My journey has not been an easy one, nor has it been the one I had planned but, it has been an epic journey, full of ups, downs, tears, tantrums, love and laughter and one that I would love to share in the hope that I can show other families that they are not alone.

Finding out that your perfect baby is not quite so perfect after all is truly devastating and one that is incredibly difficult to come to terms with. Your life stops and a new one begins. I have learned so much from my children and I am eternally grateful that I am their mummy.

Just to put my blogs into context. I have two children, Aiden and Morgan with the life limiting condition, Cystic Fibrosis. Aiden also has Autism – with a PDA profile and has Learning Disabilities and Sensory Processing Disorder. Morgan along with his Cystic Fibrosis has ADHD and Dysgraphia. I then have two younger children, Finley and Jasmine. Thankfully they do not have any health conditions, however they both do have Dyslexia.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs, please comment on them if they resonate with you because together we can support others and help each other to make sense of our emotions and along the way we can share tips and advice from what we have learned.

I don’t claim to have all the answers – far from it, but if I can help one other family by sharing my journey then my mission will have been accomplished.

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