A lie in

A lie in! What’s that? I here you say? Well they are something pre children that I for one took for granted. They used to be the days off work where I would not open my dreary eyes until midday and then proceed to laze around in my pj’s until it was time to get ready for yet another night out! A distant memory!

However, today was the first day of the summer holidays when I didn’t have to get up before 8am! I know, the definition of a lie in has significantly changed overtime but nowadays 8am is like winning the jackpot! Sadly though, my brain was unaware it was ‘lie in day’ and did it’s righteous job of waking me up at 6am! Thanks a bunch! Most of the time I can’t get my brain to engage in the smallest of tasks but not today, she was wide awake and ready to rock! Yey!

So, seeing as I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed (not sure what the bushy tailed bit really means? I have a fat ass so I’ll go with that!) I may aswell introduce myself.

I’m Vicky, aged 40ish although in my head I believe I’m 32! I stuck at 22 for 10 years but figured that became a little unrealistic so I moved on to 32 and have stuck there for a while now! I’m also ultra slim, and super fit! Oh no, hang on, that’s in my head too! The camera seems to show otherwise and apparently the camera never lies although I’m not so sure! I don’t believe these myths – they say exercise is good for you but sports injury clinics make an absolutely fortune, so someone somewhere is lying!

Anyway, I grew up a large city in the south of England. I had an awesome childhood with my big sis. We spent summer holidays with my cousins making up shows, ensuring the boys got female roles just so us girls could dress them up in leotards and put makeup on them! We built dens, camped in the garden and went on caravan holidays to Cornwall.

I also spent a lot of time playing babies with my dolls. I loved babies (and still do). So it’s not surprising that I went on to college to do my NNEB to become a Nursery Nurse/Nanny.

I looked after several children as a nanny in private homes and as a Nursery Nurse in schools and nursery’s – I was in my element! I thought I was an expert in my field, Super Nanny had nothing on me! Every child I looked after was impeccably behaved, polite and smart.

I met my husband, when I was 15 while visiting friends who I’d met on a horse riding holiday (another childhood passion.) A long distance relationship which transformed into a lifetime together – sounds romantic – but pleased be assured it’s been no easy ride.

Fast forward to my early 20’s and I had a perfect little house and a perfectly decorated little nursery all ready for my tiny bundle of joy . How hard could it be? It’s something I did all day everyday and got paid for…

Unknowingly, Spring 2000, those ‘lie in days’ that I had once relished in, and taken for granted were gone for good and a not so tiny (10lb 1oz) bundle of joy came into the world (yet again, the goal posts of definition seemed to have moved over night – ‘bundle of joy’ had a whole we meaning!) If you call, no sleep, and continuous screaming, joy, then yes, he fitted the bill!

But here is where my journey into the unknown world of additional needs began! Aiden was born screaming extremely loudly, so much so they called the doctors in and he didn’t stop for what seemed like forever!

A journey that came with no manual, no explanation and a journey I knew absolutely nothing about! #specialneeds #disability

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