Those quirks that make me smile

This weekend we finished taking down the final Christmas decorations – back to work, school and college tomorrow. 😩


So let me tell you about our house at Christmas thanks to Aiden.


The outside of our house resembles a tacky toy land combined with a crazy cable city! Aiden loves Christmas lights – and once we had grasped the concept that Aiden didn’t play with toys, we came up with the idea to buy him a new Christmas light every year! Little did we know that this would still be a top present on his Christmas list 18 years on. I’m not moaning, it just makes me smile, and I know there are far worse things he could be obsessed by! Actually, this ones one that his Dad has the time consuming delight of putting up and taking down, so I happily sit back and just smile. As you can imagine, in true autism style, this is a planned and very important date in the diary every year! (It even warrants a days holiday from work for Simon!) Every light has to go back in its exact position each year whether it’s working or not! Yes that’s the most frustrating part! He refuses point blank to get rid of any of them, even when they barely work so, tacky toy land becomes even tackier and the cables that dangle everywhere serve absolutely no purpose! 😂


Aiden can’t read or write but amazingly has the memory of an elephant when it comes to the Christmas light display so we daren’t sneak one to the tip (where it belongs)!😂


Something else that makes me smile is his love of Christmas jumpers! He wears a different one everyday all the way through December and completely rocks it!


The other obsession of his is sellotape! Yes, a little odd, I know but that why I love him! Having PDA gives Aiden the great skill of taking control so, Aiden has claimed the job of displaying the Christmas cards that we receive, and god help anyone else who dare to touch them.


What can possibly go wrong!


Well nothing too drastic however, the cards do end up literally laminated (with sellotape) to my banister! Aiden gets through rolls and rolls of sellotape! I thinking about asking the company to sponsor him! I think he enjoys the sound it make as he unravels it. He also has to ensure every single edge of each card is covered.


Here’s what made me laugh even more. When Christmas cards land on the doorstep, or the kids bring them home from school, Aiden opens them and instantly vacuum packs them to the banister so I never have any clue who they are from. (Thanks, if you ever sent me a card). I rarely send cards but I do have a select few, generally they are for the older generation who live away. This year, feeling righteous and ultra organised, I had stupidly placed the cards that I had actually written on the table and asked Simon (hubby) to post them. Assuming he had, I thought no more of it, until today, when we had the humerus yet difficult job of taking them down! Not surprisingly, Aidens not in control of that job! Aiden, not being able to read, had obviously reopened these cards thinking they were for us and added them to our shiny display! I’ll certainly be struck off those peoples Christmas card list next year! Thanks Aiden 😂😂

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