A normal day

Why is a normal day, never normal? Just so that you get a taste of my post-children, crazy life, on my so called ‘lie in lazy day’, I’ll explain. My phone pinged at 9am to remind me to take Aiden, now 18, to the gym (so much for my lazy day!) I saved my blog that I’d written so far and darted out of bed to wake him up. Aiden’s bedroom is downstairs. I spotted my bra which was neatly hung, on the floor, from last night, so stuck it on so as not to knock myself out running down the stairs! Good move I thought and , I had made a start on getting dressed, clearly not good enough though! As I ran down the stairs, with each thud, wobbles of belly ricocheted in all directions, wearing nothing but my bra, i suddenly heard voice rise from the kitchen below! ‘Morning Vicky!’ as I reach the lower part of the stairs,

(to far to go back) our wonderful cleaner appeared, feather duster in hand, with a somewhat shocked expression upon her face! I continued to run, placing my hands awkwardly to cover myself, although I’m not sure why because it was clearly to late! I carry on passed her with my normal chirpy tone as i go, as if nothing had happened! ‘Morning, lovely day’ I say and disappear into the clothes room. Just to clarify we are not affluent by any means, actually the very opposite – so don’t be fooled by the terms cleaner and clothes room. The clothes room is a box-room fit for no one, it’s more of a glorified cupboard. I got fed up of washing clothes and finding them back in the wash bin still in the folded position I’d left them in. I would wash the clothes, dry them and fold them neatly in piles and then distribute them into the kids bedrooms for them to be put away. However, somehow a few days later I would find them back in the wash bin unworn because they couldn’t be bothered to put them away! Sound familiar? So our solution was to keep everyone’s clothes in one place! Missing out the failing part of the cycle. And as for the cleaner, well I figured I pay less for a cleaner once a week than I would on a takeaway for us 6 so it was a no brainer. Ok, well that’s my excuse anyway.

Let’s hope my day gets better and our wonderful cleaners’ memory isn’t scarred for to long!

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