Excluded at 1 year old

With the new school term starting and the world posting their precious back to schools photos, which for many parents of children with special educational needs and disability (SEND) is sheer torture, I thought it would be a good time to blog about my first experience with an educational provision as one of those parents.

Aiden is now 18 and his school years finally over, but looking back, by the age of 1 year, he had well and truly frazzled my brain! He was definitely unique, we’d tried every strategy available, just to get through the day with less screaming! I’d had enough, and decided I needed a break, he was going to nursery! As a qualified nursery nurse, who wanted nothing more than to have children and look after them, I really struggled to come to this decision. I then had to find a nursery I was happy with to do my job, but I knew for my own sanity, it was the right thing to do. I found one and enrolled him in for 2 days a week!

Peace at Last!

I could now walk over the threshold of Asda without a screaming child in tow! I could go for a wee on my own, knowing he hadn’t held his breath at the thought of me leaving the room and passed out on the floor somewhere with his head cracked open. I could talk to someone else without him pulling my face away or pulling my hair. Omg, I felt guilty as hell but I loved it! Well, that was the first few weeks…

Then the nursery came to me and said, ‘he’s not really settling like the others all have! He has huge separation anxiety issues and cry’s pretty much all day? We think you should reduce he days!’

My response was, ‘well, he cry’s all day at home, the only difference is, you get paid to listen to him and I don’t so please keep him.’ They gave him a few extra weeks to settle for good measure but I knew then that they were done with him!

‘Sorry, they said, a few weeks later, it’s just not working, bring him back when he’s a bit older!’

And that was it, back on my own and my first educational setting was done!

EXCLUDED at 1 year old!

I should have learnt then that school wasn’t for him but that’s another story.

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