Reality Check

Just having a reality check, 18 Christmas’s with my little family have past by and my babies are growing up too fast.

Life is busy, life is chaotic and my life is definitely not that Walton Family life that I had pictured. Life is hard, bloody hard! If it’s not the children generally , it’s their disability making it tough , if it’s not that, it’s another school fight, and just when you you think it’s sorted someone in the family or at work kicks off, you get over so many hurdles in life and just when you think it’s all fine and dandy you’re reminded of those not existent finances!

Yep, life is definitely sent to try us! But remember, everyday memories are made, some good, some bad but everyday no matter what, these memories makes up part of your babies childhoods, something they will remember forever!

All children, only ever want to feel safe and loved, no matter whether they show it or not. They drive us to distraction most days and cause stress and tears but before you know it, it’s over!

Tuck your kids into bed each night, give them a kiss and tell them you love them, because no matter how hard life is, childhood doesn’t last forever.

Through those darkest days, hold on to those happy memories and put your time and energy making more.

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