Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.

Another exciting year with a houseful of teenagers! Um! ‘exciting’, well, exciting, in that we’re delving into the unknown!

When children become teenagers and have their own opinions, the dynamics of the family change! We are no longer living with 4 kids who do what we say but 4 teenagers who are able to make their own decisions, some of which are not necessary decisions that we, as their parents would choose or agree with. And this is without adding any additional needs into the mix.

The male testosterone is flying high and dominant in our house. Not forgetting the hormonal female, oh and me!

Aiden’s obsession is football, so this is a great way for him and his dad to interact and connect in a positive way in what can otherwise be a fraught atmosphere.

The photo is them both discussing their virtual dream teams. A photo of them screaming and shouting at each other is not so appealing – this is Social media after all! But please remember, we live in the real world where people, no matter how kind, accepting and tolerant, can not always get on all the time. It’s ok not to agree with everyone, it’s ok to have your own opinions and it’s ok to agree to disagree!

When you choose your partner you are likely to talk about having a babies, you might even watch how they interact with other children! You DON’T EVER discuss whether you share the same views about raising teenagers or even how to raise teenagers! No wonder it’s so bloody hard!

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