Today is a study day for me. I’m attempting to do a degree course in special education, I’m in my second year. The fact that I actually passed the first year is enough for me to say I’ve achieved but I’m hanging on in there, only a year and a half to go. Being dyslexic makes it really tough (oh and being a mum to four, and working and being a generally lazy character) but it’s a subject which is close to my heart and I’m hoping my determination will get me through. Thankfully it’s not the same determination that I’m using for my New Years diet because that’s already failed! Or maybe it is and that’s why I failed – it’s a good excuse, so I’ll go with it.


Anyway, back to my point, which is today’s title – Where’s Mum?


How the hell am I supposed to write an assignment when all I hear is this phrase every 30 seconds? Ok, that’s an little exaggeration, but that’s what it a feels like! How dare I go upstairs

and not be at their beck and call! I haven’t left the country, I haven’t even left the bloody house! 😂


Just to clarify – I haven’t even left them on their own, they are with their perfectly capable dad.


I love my kids more than anything in the world but sometimes they are like my shadow and that sometimes is always when I really need that time out.


Key times when they suddenly appear is: Study time – they desperately need Mums taxi and they need it now!


Bath time- that relaxing time when you just want to sit and chill – yep, there they are, they have something really important to tell you, that just can not wait!


When the phone rings – again, they instantly need to ask you something or they decide to play with the noisiest toy they own – that’s a great time for electric guitar practice!


Adult conversation time – you know those times, a friend comes round for a private chat and your delightful children creep out from their bedrooms where they’ve been perfectly happily and entertained but all of a sudden couldn’t possibly be in there any longer! They are soooo bored they can’t think of a single thing they would rather do, than sit on you!


Although I have to say the most annoying time for me is when I go to the loo! We have 3 toilets in our house but no that’s not good enough, obviously they need to use the one I’m in!


I know they just need to know where I am and what I’m doing but seriously sometimes I just want to scream!


(The pics are of a AAC Book I made for part of my course, many of the kids I work with are non-verbal.)

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