Do you feel like you are failing?

Sometimes it feels like you spend your days chasing your tail, only to remember you haven’t got one!

On those days when you are ready to give up, just remember how far you’ve come!

Sometimes I think ‘What have I actually achieved today?’

Yesterday was one of those days! So I decided I would write it all down in black and white – Somehow that makes it real and often enables me to see the good as well as the bad!


1) The kids had to eat breakfast at school some days – they hate that and they are not shy in letting me know!

2) The dog didn’t get a walk everyday – that means no exercise for me either!

3) I didn’t submit an essay on time – not because I hadn’t done it but because I thought I had when actually I hadn’t – Mum brain!

4) Fast food has definitely out weighed any healthy food.

5) School reply slips have been sat in the ‘to do pile’ and are still there – I’ve received the polite reminder phone calls – you know the ones!

6) I forgot about a dental appointment for one of the boys.

7) The boys missed 2 treatments.


1) Three 3,000 word assignments were handed in on time! Whahooo

2) All four children went to school/college everyday – there was a time when this rarely happened.

3) The children were happy because they were being fed fast food – and at least they were fed!

4) I attended 5 appointments for the kids.

5) I collected medications – my house is practically a pharmacy!

6) I completed the accounts – this is a major task and one I’d been dreading!

7) I went to work.

8)I created a chill out den for Jazz.

9) The boys did 22 treatments – which makes the 4 they didn’t do not seem so bad!

10) Mums taxi was well and truly running.

Actually, it’s not been such a bad week after all. We often have high expectations as a parent, we all want to be that perfect parent, so when things don’t go to plan our emotions run high, tiredness kicks in and guilt plays a huge part in making you believe that you have failed.

When times are hard focus on the positives and what you have achieved. You’ll be surprised!

No one is perfect!

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