They say school days are the best days of your life!

However, for many this is simply not the case and for the parents of these children, school and especially the playground can be a cruel place!

A powerful, yet sad poem, written by a Mum desperate for her child to be accepted.

Your staring is wearing

Your push and your chairing, your meetings of minds

The whispers and nods, your neat lives and neat bobs

Think I don’t notice?

Don’t see you, don’t focus.

I see. And I hear those playground murmurs

Smiling behind veneers of conceit.

Stealth in your voices while you look at your feet.

“There’s the psycho, the sociopath,

The monster in miniature.”

Scum in small shorts. ‘Ignore him don’t play’

I do hear what you say.

Get rid of the fractured who don’t fit the frame.

No reason required. Sweep up the shame.

When the school gate opens, spits out and spills

You think I can’t hear your litany of ills?

My supernova. My fierce firebrand.

Running and spinning, laughing and loving

Life without walls and days without falls

From social, emotional unwritten rules

Struggling to find my face in the crowd

Anxiously seeking some calm in the loud.

Escape route planned, out on licence.

Autism invisible. So is your ignorance.

Different, extraordinary, born with a story.

Wired for sounds with supersonic hearing.

Clever beyond measure. Sees detail and treasure

In corners, small spaces. His mind at the races.

What makes us human, separates mankind?

The need to be loved and nurtured in mind

That’s you, that’s me, we’re a new generation

There is no zero in tolerance. Celebrate difference.

Because a power in unity, a strength in sharing

Means finally, just maybe, we’ll all get to caring.


3 thoughts on “They say school days are the best days of your life!

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  1. A moving and important poem and post. My son is in his 30s now. School was hell for him. He was always different. Diagnosed with ADD, and I wonder now if he might have a touch of mild autism. When he was 16, he called me from school and said, “Mom, I just can’t take it anymore,” talking about being bullied at school for many years. When he “dropped out” of high school, I cried. I never thought one of my children would drop out. He immediately signed up for night school and soon got his high school diploma at the community college with not nearly as much difficulty. It was the best thing he could ever have done. We need more alternatives and to celebrate differences.

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    1. Absolutely! My son with adhd has left school a year early. He is now in college and absolutely thriving! He’s like a completely different child. Education is vital! School is not! Thanks for reading. Only just learning this blog site, but loving it.

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