Quit to Succeed

My clever girl received her level 2 certificate in Outdoor Education.

The key word here is Education!

Yes, Jasmine QUIT school but school is a place – a place that follows a specific system and it is not the only way to gain an education!

Most people associate the word QUIT with failure – and that is why so many people believe they are a failure.

Here’s the truth –

You cannot QUIT without having tried!

And trust me those that QUIT are the ones who have tried the hardest!

Of course Jazz could have stayed in school and continued to have the love for learning squeezed out of her.

Of course Jazz could have stayed in school and struggled academically in every single lesson.

Of course Jazz could have stayed in school and spent 6 hours a day reinforcing how much she struggles, knowing that everyday she is falling further and further behind in their fixed curriculum.

Of course Jazz could have stayed while her confidence and self esteem was crushed piece by piece.

Of course Jazz could have stayed in school and taken 10 plus GCSEs to receive fail grades come next summer, knowing she will never revisit the majority of subjects ever again in her life but have to resist Maths and English in college and be forced to take a lower level college course because she never made the grades.

But for what?

For conformity…

“Because that’s just what KIDS have to do! KIDS have to go to school!”

No – kids must have access to an education! Not only that, they must have access to an education that is accessible to their age and ABILITY!

The only failure here is that of the school!

JASMINE doesn’t equal KIDS!

How do any of those conformist ideologies help Jazz as a person? They don’t!

QUITTING school for Jazz was the best decision we ever made!

To QUIT is to know that you tried and it wasn’t for you.

Don’t continue with anything if it doesn’t serve you.

You get one life! Don’t waste it trying to fit in, do what is right for you.

And remember –

QUITTING is NOT failing! Quitting brings you an opportunity to SUCCEED!

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