Authenticity is a right not a reward

Here’s a little update of what our wonderful Aiden has been up to during this last lockdown.

Special interests are a fundamental element to the happiness of an autistic person. Some interests come and some go, other interests stay for the duration. Amazingly, even someone who may lack focus on day to day tasks can have an immense ability to hyper focus on their special interests.

When Aiden is discussing his, he is confident, engaging and super knowledgeable. He is able to show true authenticity, he can be his true self and feel comfortable and safe.

Aidens specialisms have changed over the years but two have always been there – football and junk food, more importantly, sweets!

Special interests are not something that should be used as a reward to make someone conform. It is simply their right to be who they are. But they can be used in genuine ways.

Inventors are never told to stop learning, stop researching, stop being creative within their subject! They become inventors because of their ability to hyper focus, to be curious and to never give up. And this is to be celebrated.

So don’t stop your child’s passion, embrace them, learn from them, understand and accept their love, and when they are older they can live every day doing a job within their field that they absolutely love!

Now who doesn’t want a career that fulfills all their dreams!

Don’t use special interests as a throw away reward! Reward your child with the time, patience and respect that their knowledge and passion deserves.

Aiden would love to to like his new Facebook & Instagram page and share his story, and if you love sweets as much as he does maybe you could even try some out.

Alternatively they make great birthday presents!






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