Perfection is a perspective

Mother’s Day! So how was it for you?

I had a wonderful day. However, sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves to simply enjoy the day can be exhausting!

A day of appreciation for us Mum’s can sometimes and often unintentionally cause more stress than any other day.

We see all the other social media posts about how perfect their day is and we can sometimes feel envious of what others have.

However, perfect is merely a perspective.

I received a beautiful and thoughtful handmade card from my fabulous children, all organised by my kind and compassionate daughter, Jasmine. A beautiful soul inside and out. She, as was I, super proud that Aiden had willingly participated in the creation. A fine victory!

I received flowers from Morgan for the first time.

I was able to meet up with my amazing mum (and dad) and enjoy a cream tea at the beach, watch my children surf, walk the dogs, spend time with my husband and have a delicious roast dinner cooked for me.

All of which sounds perfect, and all of which was perfect, it was “my perfect”, but that doesn’t mean my day was flawless. I could have chosen to describe my day in another way.

My morning started with us running late. I arranged a time to meet my mum, which then changed 4 times because getting 7 people organised clearly takes longer than anticipated! Especially when you forget to wake one of them up!

“Where’s Jazz?” I say, as I head out to the car, only to realise she’s still fast asleep in bed!

Nip to the shop to buy the “homemade” scones for the cream tea – (homemade scones!!! Who does that???) Well, that didn’t work because they had sold out, so Eccles cakes were the make do substitute.

Aiden was unable to even acknowledge the fact that it was Mother’s day, and couldn’t bring himself to come to the beach.

When we returned the kids squabbled over the shower. Tears and tantrums erupted, just like a normal day – because it is a just normal day.

Timings didn’t quite work for the roast. Dinner was ready the kids weren’t! We came back from the beach later than planned, so we ended up eating at the table in shifts; between the boys physio and workouts, the continued hot water shower battle and Aiden completely overwhelmed simply because it’s Mother’s Day! (A day geared up to be a special and he can’t cope with the expectation.)

It was still my kinda perfect! Finding the perfect in my day meant I had a wonderful day. Picking out all the things that I didn’t have or that didn’t go to plan or that didn’t live up to the idealistic Mother’s Day expectations would have meant I’d had a terrible day.

You choose your day!

My day has been wonderful and equally exhausting.

I’ve now clawed some energy back by having a long bath, burning some candles while listening to my audio book – and I finished off by telling myself that I am bloody marvellous!

Letting go of the expectation can be hard but finding gratitude for what I have changes my perspective and allows me to see the perfection in my day.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all – I hope you can see the perfect in your day.

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